UHB's Background

We ensure halal integrity and create value for businesses to benefit from the local, regional and international halal markets. We also synergize national initiatives

that promote export trade.

Uganda Halal Bureau is a non-profit oriented organization which provides professional halal certification services based on national halal standards to authenticate halal integrity of products and services.  Halal certification is necessary for the Muslim consumer to enable him/her identify truly halal food and any other consumer products. It is mandatory for a Muslim to consume and use exclusively halal products. Halal food and products must also be wholesome and safe for consumption.


Halal certification puts in perspective the production/ supply chain, an element of traceability which is increasingly being demanded by the contemporary consumer. Therefore the additional requirements for halal products to be wholesome and with an assured traceability appeals to many non-Muslim consumers as well.  For instance any consumer would like to know that the meat he or she is buying was not obtained from a dead animal and/ or this meat has not been mixed or contaminated intentionally or unintentionally with meat of another category he is not comfortable with.  Hence the halal quality mark is gaining respect as a new benchmark for quality.

On a purely economic level, halal certification provides an additional plane of value addition. Hence our halal certification service helps relevant enterprises to add value to their products and/or services. The institutions that particularly benefit from our halal certification services include food processing and allied industries, food service institutions such as hotels kitchens, restaurants and institutional kitchens,   manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medicinal products, cosmetics and personal care products.


Uganda Halal Bureau is a primary stakeholder in Uganda’s halal industry.  Through our collaboration with the Uganda National Bureau of Standards, we support National initiatives to promote export trade leveraging on halal branding.  In addition to pioneering professional halal certification based on standards in Uganda in 2012, UHB has remained the lead organization in promoting the halal sector and overall growth of the halal economy. This has been achieved partly through the partnership UHB has with UNBS which elaborates national halal standards.


To lead in the provision of halal certification services of international repute in Africa.


To provide halal certification services based on halal standards and internationally

recognized best practices.

Corporate Objectives

UHB's main roles and responsibilities are encapsulated within

three main strategic thrusts:



To provide consumer confidence by verification and validation of halal integrity along the entire supply chain based on standards.



To facilitate the growth and participation of the Ugandan economy in the global halal market.



Professional Excellence is an integral part of UHB’s corporate culture based on the belief that the quality of service offered largely depends on the  quality off human resource.

UHB’s Milestones

Milestones of UHB’s success measured against institutional development, halal standards implementation, industrial engagement and strategic collaborations.



UHB has developed and is continually building capacity to fulfill its mission and respond to local demand for professional halal certification service synergized by our Public Private Partnerships.



Considering that Uganda was the first country to develop and implement halal standards in Africa, UHB stands as the pioneer certification body to offer certification services based on national halal standards in Africa. This signifies our professional stature.



It is UHB’s strategy to continuously build strategic partnerships to develop capacity, obtain peer recognition and enhance our international stature.



We have made phenomenal success in building trust and public confidence which has enabled us to develop a friendly and respectful partnership with businesses.

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