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We verify products and services for halal compliance based on national standards and promote the halal brand to enable the consumer choose truly halal products and services.

The overall function of Uganda Halal Bureau (UHB) is to coordinate the development of the halal industry through building capacity for halal products and services. UHB currently offers halal certification services to food processing enterprises, restaurants, hotels, slaughter houses and butcheries.  However, it is envisaged that halal services will be extended to embrace a wide scope of products and services that require halal assurance.

Uganda Halal Bureau (UHB) is a centre of excellence and point of reference on Islamic and technical knowledge on halal integrity of consumer products and services in Uganda.  This makes UHB a first point of call on any inquiries concerning the halal industry in Uganda. It provides halal conformity assessment, certification, promotion of halal certified products and services as well as facilitation of export trade.

The certification process starts with assessment of the application form duly filled by the applicant followed by document assessment, facility audit and, if deemed necessary, product testing is done to confirm halal integrity.

The certification process is based

on national halal standards:


  • US 909:2011 - General Standard for Halal Food
  • US 910:2011 - Guidelines for Bodies Providing Halal Certification


  • US 1581:2015 - Toyyiban Assurance Pipeline - Part 1: Management system requirements for transport of goods and/or cargo chain services.


  • US 1544:2015 - Guidelines for Manufacturing and Handling of Halal Medicinal Products and Traditional Medicine and Health Supplements.


  • US 9962:2015 - Halal Consumer Goods - Part 2: usage of animal bone skin and hair - general Guidelines.

Halal Integrity

Halal integrity of products and services is safe vouched using a linearly and vertically integrated approach. This is accomplished by applying national standards as reference points for the certification process

and using highly competent professionals covering the entire supply chain.

A sharia committee is instituted to safeguard the halal principle.




Ugandan Halal Certification is issued by UHB based on the standard for halal food, US 909:2011 Halal Food - Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage.




The halal food standard and manual are continuously revised in order to maintain its integrity both locally and international. As a result, the UHB Halal logo is recognized and well accepted countrywide. Ugandan Halal Certification issued by Uganda Halal Bureau is open for application for both domestic and international industry players.


UHB Halal Logo

Phase 1:



  • Application on-line
  • Processing of documents
  • payment of fee


Phase 2:

Audit and Report


  • Site audit
  • Sampling & Analysis (if necessary)
  • Audit Report


Phase 3:

Approval & Certification


  • Review & Approval Panel
  • Issuance of certificate
  • Monitoring & renewal


We accredit the auditing bodies which will be able to do audit activities in complete synergy under supervision of UHB and in conformity with UHB standards.

Halal System



Unlike most other certification schemes, halal certification has to be done by a Muslim entity which fulfills the following requirements as laid out in Section 8.2 of the Uganda Halal Standard (US 910:2011) and adopted from OIC standards. The Halal certification body shall ensure that all personnel involved in the audit and certification activities are Muslims, technically competent and ethically committed to Islamic values.

Audit & Certification


Relevant competence of personnel shall include training on OIC related documents for Halal certification, OIC Halal Standard and related documents, quality management system, product certification and food safety management system (FSMS).

On site inspections, our auditors may take product samples for analysis to confirm the content of products (if necessary).


Training programmes and workshops will be provided to halal industry companies to ensure halal standards are achieved and maintained.




Training shall address requirements such as:

an prescribed job function,

company policies and expectations plus

methodology and results. The training modules are designed to improve the level of awareness of Halal living standards and its benefits.

The team comprises primarily of coordinators who will implement all UHB's training programmes.


All personnel at all levels should understand their roles and responsibilities. Halal Industry business employees shall be appropriately trained to carry out their jobs effectively.

Training Module:

Level 1


  • New employee Induction programme.
  • Good Hygiene Practice (GHP)
  • Understanding Halal and the Halal Industry


Level 2


  • Good Manufacturing Practice.
  • Operation related courses
  • Effective Halal Operations in the Food Industry.


Level 3


  • HACCP.
  • Halal supervisory and auditing such as: Halal Internal Auditing Workshop.


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